The Bandy Family In Early America

Second Edition


by  Dale Bandy


 © 1999-2016 Dale Bandy

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Dale has now published the 5th edition:

The Bandy Family in America (5th ed) is the culmination of 114 years of family research carried out by hundreds of family members.

The story begins with the first references to American Bandys in the 1600's. Bandys helped establish one American colony and died fighting in the American Revolution. These and dozens of other stories are unveiled as we follow the Bandy family across America and through the centuries.

We meet the famous, the almost famous, and the infamous. The heros and villains. The murderers and the murdered. The moonshiners and the bootleggers. There are two stories that end in the United States Supreme Court one involving an often convicted tax evader and the other an Indian Territory shoot-out in Bandy's Saloon.

Find the names of Bandys who fought in the American Revolution and Civil War and the names of those who died in World War II and Vietnam.

We have been barbers, bar owners, brewers, blacksmiths, bookkeepers, carpenters, clerks, coal miners, coaches, farmers, inmates, judges, legislators, mechanics, mineralogists, physicians, prisoners, sailors, soldiers, sheriffs, school superintendents, seamstresses, servants, steam railroad engineers, stenographers, teachers, teamsters, and waitresses. We worked on the railroads, brewed famous beer, plowed fields, spun flax, fought wars, and made music.

There are extraordinary stories of Bandy marriages. One lasted over 75 years. Another produced 17 children. A 12 year old bride-to-be waited two years for her just divorced husband-to-be to be to get out of prison. A 62 year old Civil War veteran married a 12 year old bride. An alcoholic husband, shot and wounded by the police, recovered only to be fatally shot by his wife. An eccentric millionaire married in his sixties, but his bride wasn't after his money. And there was my ancestor Bigamous Bill Bandy.

You may be related to some of these Bandys or maybe all. Find out whether you are related to Walmart founder Sam Walton, democratic vice-presidential candidate Estes Kefauver, Budweiser founder Eberhard Anheuser, or maybe actor George Clooney and his aunt Rosemary Clooney.

This edition is written with the benefit of computer technology which allowed me to enter a name once and in an instant locate listings in all census records from 1790 to 1940, birth, marriage, and death records for all states, and other valuable databases. I do not claim that I have included every one named Bandy who lived in the country before 1940. I know that is not the case, but I do believe that I have included a significant majority .

DNA evidence has enabled me to extend the story back to times where few documents recorded relationships. Now we have evidence that links multiple family stretching family ties back to the colonial era.

This expanded fifth edition is fascinating and informative.

280,000 words, 715 pages. Authored by Dale Bandy who receives no compensation from sales. Available through via the below link.