This section contains genealogies and other data that has been contributed by many correspondants and researchers since the website opened. Some of them contain much the same material as the main genealogies. BUT all of them contain information or lines not contained in the main files. Any serious researcher will want to study these files, particularly for their non-Bandy content. The name and place indexes of each of these genealogies are kept individually and NOT consolidated into the main structure. These genealogies may contain details of living people BUT those details are not published here. These details may be available to genuine researchers on request.
  • Willis/Williams Cousins

    This is a genealogy of the Willis / Williams cousins and their families and connections. It is included here because Derek Bandy is married to one of the cousins. Some parts of this have been sourced by Derek Bandy, others, especially the photos, by members of this widespread family, for which we are most grateful.

  • Australian data base
    Peter Bandy's Australian data base. This genealogy details the elder branch of the family
    founded by William and Anne Bandy who arrived near Melbourne from Bedfordshire 6 months before Thomas & Sarah arrived in 1849. This genealogy has now been consolidated into Derek Bandy's data base and extended somewhat. This data base contains 1029 individuals and 296 families representing 269 surnames. This data was provided by Peter Bandy in Australia.

  • The younger Australian line in Victoria

    This line was founded by William Bandy and Ann (Sarah) Smith who were married in Aspley Guise, Beds in 1836. They went to Australia and founded their line in Victoria. This genealogy contains their details. It has also been consolidated and expanded in Derek Bandy's files.

  • descendants of Thomas Bandy (c1742) of Houghton Regis, England

    Prepared by: Joan Thomas, St. Albans, England

  • The Fookes family's descent from Thomas Bandy in Padbury, England

    This genealogy leads to the Fookes family. It also contains Thomas Bandy (m 1779) of Waddesden Bucks, as does Peter Bandy's Australian data base. BUT differs from Peter on Thomas' ancestry. Any suggestions?
    This data was kindly supplied by David S Fookes.

  • Paula Bandy's family in England

    This genealogy deals with the descendants of his marriage to Catherine HUNT (probably nee BUNN) and gives a different interpretation of the confusing lives of the two Daniels. It also gives somes descendants of Ruth Bandy (1823-) and her husband John KING. This data was kindly provided by Paula Bandy and is published as provided.