Other US Genealogies

This section contains genealogies and other data that has been contributed by many correspondants and researchers since the website opened. Some of them contain much the same material as the main genealogies. BUT all of them contain information or lines not contained in the main files. Any serious researcher will want to study these files, particularly for their non-Bandy content. The name and place indexes of each of these genealogies are kept individually and NOT consolidated into the main structure. These genealogies may contain details of living people BUT those details are not published here. These details may be available to genuine researchers on request.

Descendants of Richard 1722-95 & Tazewell County Connections
by Wanda & Jerry Barnette. This is another large genealogy showing the descent from Richard but includes other families as well.  The Surname Beavers figures heavily in this genealogy. There are over 10,000 people in this file.

Descendants of William Bandy (c1780-c1860 ) & Juditha in TN
This data was kindly provided by Wes Evans and it now contains Cheri Covey's data.  This data is published as provided.

Fred Richard Bandy Jr. Line 
This includes a further US descent from Richard - but also some new family ancestors.  There are 198 individuals and 60 families representing 51 surnames in this database, Not all published here because ome are living.  This data was kindly provided by Fred Richard Bandy Jr who says: " Please note: I'm not 100% positive that all of the dates are correct. My special thanks to Dale Bandy as his book helped me find the one link to Richard I was missing (Johns' son George of Ohio). 

Descendants of Richard Bandy (1722-95)
This is a further US descent from Richard - but contains some new branches.  This data was kindly provided by Virginia Jackson and is published as provided. 

Descendants of John Frazier BANDY (b. bef 1880) & Mary GOODE
This genealogy by Charlotte Bandy Bunnell & Cathleen Bandy Lesiewicz John Frazier has now been shown to be J F Bandy (640, 18-1827 in the Gallimaufry) son of Simeon Bandy (639, 17-1179) & Hester Ann Koger.

Descendants of Richard Bandy (1722-95)  
this is a further US descent from Richard - but contains some new lines, especially the McCutcheon and O'Neill lines.  In addition, we have some lengthy notes and anecdotes. This data was kindly provided by Donna Elaine O'Neill and is published as provided. 

Michael Roam Data
This (mainly US) database has three early progenitors; Richard BETHEL (c1580), Thomas BANDY (c 1748-), and Issac ROAM (1787-) plus a lot more families. There are 1548 individuals and 593 families representing 479 surnames in this database which was kindly provided by Michael Roam and is published as provided

Descendants of Elizabeth Bandy (1799-1879)
Mrs Rosenfield is descended from Elizabeth BANDY (1799-1879). The attached Gedcom file starts with Richard BANDY, the earliest American in Dale Bandy's Book. Dale is the source for the first three generations. Then, down to Caroline Simmons, the main source is 'The Book of Jared' by Esther M. Hall. From Caroline to the present day, the source is 'Our Branch of the Young Family' by Mary Y. Lawrence, et al. I hope this is interesting, even though the BANDY name disappears from this line about 200 years ago. There are 167 individuals and 81 families representing 78 surnames in this database which is published as presented

Descendants of Drinkard Bandy
This small genealogy was kindly provided by Debbie Sitlington of Santa Clararita CA and is published as provided.

The Westbrook and Bandy families in the US
this file contains over 4,000 names. This data was kindly provided by Virginia Jackson and is published as provided.